Why Riggo Monti?

Why Riggo Monti?  Well, to be quite honest, it’s quite simple really.  You deserve style that makes you stand out… something that sets you apart from the rest.  You don’t have to be super fashionably conscious, or a trend-setting guru to achieve this. 

Just look to a brand that has emerged from the depths of inception and is continually conceptualizing to create what you’ve been wanting to express through your apparel.  And voila!  You’ve found us – Riggo Monti. 

Check me women tee
Rags2Riches men tee

You see, we know just how hypersensitive and fickle trend and fashion can be.  Yet many people don’t even know the difference between the two. 

This is why many suffer from that dreaded inability to differentiate Trend from Trashy & Fad from Fashion. 

This can’t be you – And if so, this won’t do!  Because what we are here for, is you and to be the “agent apparel” that further defines You!

Any designer brand can always accentuate what you’ve got… But few can speak volumes about who you were yesterday, who you are today and who the future you will be.     

Also, you’re at that point in your life now where you are expanding upon your expression overall appeal and even that crucial impression (be it first, or otherwise).

pink to blue collection tee

So, get to know us in our nascent stages and let us get to know you.  Be a part of our growth for you and other extraordinary individuals like yourself for generations to come!

Fashionably Yours,
Riggo Monti