Vault Men

The Vault Collection

Our Vault collection derives from our emblem and stems from a more sophisticated take on things. Not only was it created to define Riggo Monti as a brand, but it was also designed to personify the individual who proudly dons it also.

RiggoBear Collection

We are proud and fortunate enough to say that we have the RiggoBear! He’s not your ordinary run of the mill kinda panda. He possesses a certain je ne sais quoi much like you!

Riggo Bear Hoodie
3rd Gen Collection Men

3rd Gen Collection

The first generation builds it, the second one maintains it and the third one gives it the swagger required. Hardly anything stays relevant these days unless it’s got a bit of an edge to it.

Pink to Blue Collection

The Pink to Blue Collection was created to outwardly express the inner balance of calm, collected and even carefree character. Refresh your youthful qualities by adding a light bit of spice to your life… Our Pink to Blue collection is the perfect way

Pink Blue Women